Allison Falk

Editor and Social Media Coordinator

Allison is a senior journalism major and environmental studies minor at Ithaca College. In 2016, Allison spent four months in the southeast region of Peru as an intern at Fauna Forever, a scientific research program studying biodiversity to promote conservation in collaboration with indigenous Amazonian communities. Immersed inside community, she also learned about their relationship with the wildlife in the area as part of an ongoing project in sustainable ecotourism. She is currently researching the mining practices in Ely, Minnesota and the developing policies along the Boundary Waters in Minnesota.

Ryan Price

Editor and Web Master

Ryan is a senior environmental studies major at Ithaca College with a minor in writing. In 2017, he interned with the Pember Nature Preserve and Fingers Lakes Land Trust doing land management and environmental education. In 2018, Ryan was awarded an IC Summer Scholars fellowship. While on fellowship, he did archival research and interviewed people responding to and involved in a contamination event linked to a paper mill in his hometown.  Using all this material as background, he wrote a draft of a novel that explores the complexities surrounding the issues of pollution and industry. He intends to pursue an MFA in creative writing.  


Meaghan McElroy

Editorial Assistant on Leave

Meaghan is a sophomore journalism and environmental double major at Ithaca College. Growing up in the Hudson Valley, her love of nature was fostered by frequent trips to Minnewaska State Park and trails along the Shawangunk Ridge, but it wasn’t until she came to Ithaca that she realized she could combine that with her passion for writing. In the spring of 2017, she served as the sustainability beat writer for The Ithacan, where she wrote stories pertaining to environmentalism and sustainability on the college’s campus. She hopes to pursue science journalism after she graduates.

Marinne McNally

Editorial Assistant

Marinne is an integrated marketing major with a minor in environmental studies. On childhood trips to the American southwest, she became fascinated with nature and earth systems. Growing up in an era defined by climate change has prompted her to pursue a career in environmental advocacy.


Fae Dremock


Fae is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Environmental Studies and Sciences at Ithaca College. She holds a PhD in Literature and Creative Writing from the University of Southern Mississippi, an M.A. in History of Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and an M.A. in Writing from The Johns Hopkins University.