Over half of the global population now lives in urban areas, and 22 cities have populations over 10 million. By 2030, the number of people living in urban areas will exceed 5 billion. We can no longer engage in environmental policy that disregards urban space. In this issue, we explore the issues of the urban environment and our very human reactions to nature in the city.






Simulated Reality: Engaging Players in the Environment? - Will Uhl

"Overt activist and environmentalist messages rarely make it into game development. . . ."


Spring Lamb - Ryan Kresge

"One of the youngest ewes paces manically in the corner of the pasture. Lying down, standing up, rubbing its rump on a post, bleating uncontrollably. She is about to give birth. I come back an hour later"


Gaia Speaks - Jo Shoemaker

“My children eat and shoot and leave

With tear-stained cheeks, they pull my sleeve.”