Niki Singleton

Koch Is It!


I made this piece after a series of protests in Washington against the Keystone Pipeline. With the recent spill that poisoned acres of land with 210,000 gallons of crude oil, I find myself again asking, "Will we ever wake up and stop destroying our land and water?" 

The people, Koch brothers et al., who make billions from these pipelines will never stop. The only way to stop the carnage of our earth, is to stop using oil in all its derivative forms. Stop using plastic, use Green Energy, get an electric car, use public transport, or bike to work. Otherwise, they'll be trying to sell us oil to drink instead of water.


Niki Singleton is a Canadian Brooklyn-based painter, political illustrator, and sculptor.  Her work regularly appears on the Canadian arts journal, ArtsEverywhere. Her illustrations have been published on Creative Time Reports, The Word Policy Blog, A Blade Of Grass, and The Mantle in New York. Over a hundred pages of published drawing can be seen in Echoes of the Lost Boys of Sudan, a graphic novel on the survival stories of four Sudanese refugees. She has held residencies in France, The Netherlands, Brazil, and New York and has had solo exhibitions at Undercurrent Projects in NYC, the Holocaust Museum in Dallas, and Imagine IC, Amsterdam. Her work has also been shown at the Brooklyn Museum, Chelsea Art Museum, White Box Gallery, TSA Gallery, Underdonk Gallery, DAVID&SCHWEITZER Contemporary, Kustera Projects, Brooklyn Fireproof Gallery, Studio 10, Norte Maar, Sideshow Gallery, and Nurture Art, among others in Manhattan and Brooklyn.