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“Explore” is a project to get out of my comfort zone in urban photography, and to experiment with nature. It was born as a concrete idea, and the process was totally intuitive. During some excursions, I took photographs of the motifs I felt were curious. This project has a certain emotional side because hiking is one of my passions. The focus was not showing the Canary Islands’ the Canary landscapes in a spectacular way, but to serve as an invitation to the viewers to explore them. I look for the unusual and , the unexpected. Saturated colors stand out, especially different tones of brown and green. “Explore” throws me out of the street photography field , where I normally present, and works as my personal introduction gallery to the nature that we find in the Canary Islands.


Seigar is an English philologist, a high school teacher, and a curious photographer. He is a fetishist for reflections, saturated colors, details, and religious icons. He feels passion for pop culture that shows in his series and considers himself a travel and street photographer. His three most ambitious projects so far are his “Plastic People,” a study on anthropology and sociology that focuses on the humanization of the mannequins he finds in the shop windows all over the world; “Response to Ceal Floyer for the Summer Exhibition," a conceptual work that understands art as a form of communication;, and his "Tales of a City,” an ongoing series taken in London. He has participated in several exhibitions, and his works have also been featured in international publications. He writes for The Cultural Magazine (Spain) about photography and for Memoir Mixtapes (Los Angeles) about music.