Looking for Hope in a Hopeless World

Peter Kahn

Greensky Deathland.jpg

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The medium is gouache, but instead of adding water to the paint and using a brush, I apply to paper directly from the tube. It makes the painting thick and stinky, and quite fragile once it dries. Like our little planet. There isn't a whole lot to say about my process and my artistic statement. I mostly just drink lots of cans of beer and derange my brain as much as possible. Then I open some tubes of paint in 5 or 6 colors that catch my eye and start squeezing, starting off at random points and connecting them all in any way that makes me happy. I make a huge mess and have a hell of a good time. I couldn't tell you what any of the paintings mean, and if someone attains any meaning or enlightenment out of them, they should let me know because that person must be quite far-out.


Peter Kahn lives on a small farm in southeastern Wisconsin, sandwiched between Lake Michigan and the Pike River. Most of his time is spent in the woods with the whitetail deer, the red-winged blackbirds, and the trespassers. He writes, paints, and fancies himself a photographer. His work has appeared around the United States and in the United Kingdom, but has garnered very little attention.